Brennan Environmental, Inc. is proud to offer a full range of services in the industrial air cleaning arena. We take a more scientific approach when it comes to evaluating air quality problems. Our unique process ensures that we “get it right” when providing solutions, giving us a distinct edge over our competition.

When a manufacturing plant has an air quality problem, we visit the site to observe the application. Using sophisticated instrumentation, we measure the concentration of particulate generated by a given process. We sometimes utilize portable blowers and improvise temporary hoods or enclosures to determine how to most effectively capture the contaminant. We then measure the airflow required to capture and convey the contaminant to a suitable air cleaning device. We also measure the concentration of mist, smoke or dust in the airstream. By taking the time and making the effort to do this, we are able to select the device that will provide the best filtration and longest maintenance cycles available.

Brennan Environmental Inc. will, upon request, provide free air quality tests, using a calibrated, highly accurate, laser spectrometer. While we are not certified industrial hygienists, we provide an excellent, front line approach to determining if the customer is in compliance with OSHA permissible levels of airborne particulate. We can even accurately measure the capture and filtration efficiency of competitive air cleaners that might already be utilized by the customer, to determine if they are “doing the job”.

Brennan Environmental will, if the customers desires, perform the mechanical installation of the air cleaning device(s) in any New England location.

Industrial replacement parts and filters are available for most manufacturers of mist, smoke and dust collectors. These filters can be original equipment filters or suitable generic replacements.

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