Mist and Smoke Collectors

Mist and smoke collectors are used to capture and filter atomized water-soluble coolant or oil mist from machining, wet grinding, milling, turning and other processes, primarily in the metalworking industry. They provide a clean environment where employees and sensitive equipment are protected.

Absolent Incorporated is a Swedish manufacturer of fiber bed mist and smoke filtration. Unlike conventional filters that have been used to filter metalworking fluid mist, fiber bed filtration technology was invented specifically for this purpose. The result is premium filtration along with dramatically extended filter life. The more severe the application, the more Absolent Protector shine. “We want your worst case!”

AER Control Systems offers centrifugal mist collectors and modular mediafilters, semi-customized for specific applications. Mediafilters are cost-effective where the application calls for high airflow but the mist concentrations are relatively low. AER Control Systems provides ambient air cleaners which circulate plant air to entrain airborne particulate. While we advocate “source-capture” of mist, ambient air cleaning is often a lower cost alternative.

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