Dry Dust Collectors

Brennan Environmental Inc. provides dust collectors ranging from centralized, reverse-pulse dust collectors to very small unitized collectors for small dust-producers.

Camfil Farr builds the most rugged dust collector in the industry. The vertical cartridge filter orientation allows for enhanced release of collected dust from the filters. The dust is free to fall from the filters to the storage receptacle. With horizontal filters featured in competitive collectors, the dust pulsed off upper rows of filters deposits on lower rows thereby abbreviating filter life.

Two real-world examples of the successful application of Camfil Farr equipment are described in these case studies:

Brennan Environmental offers a wide array of dust collectors. Functional, yet low cost shaker bag collectors have application in tool room grinding, as do shaker cartridge collectors with automatic cleaning. One or multiple cartridge, reverse-pulse collectors are excellent for continuous-duty dust producers with airflow requirements below 3,000 CFM. We also offer both self-contained and remote downdraft tables for dust collection. We offer solutions from a variety of providers including Avani Environmental, AER Control Systems, Camfil Farr and Donaldson.

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